From coast to coast, the United States of America has something for everyone. Visitors to the East Coast can catch a Broadway show in dazzling New York City or take a drive through the historic towns in New England. The South offers picturesque plantations in the Carolinas and Georgia, great food in New Orleans, and white sand beaches in Florida. The Midwest has sweeping prairie vistas and the great lakes, while the west is home to the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains. On the West Coast, explore wine country, ancient forests, and everything sunny California has to offer. As if that’s not enough, Alaska and Hawaii both offer adventure and majestic beauty in two locales that could not be more different. From mountains and oceans to deserts and meadows, from sprawling cities of towering skyscrapers to villages with roots still firmly planted in the past, the U.S.A. cannot be summed up easily.

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