I’ve had some folks recently express their feelings about going on a cruise.  These folks have never been on cruise, (or maybe went on the wrong type of cruise), but based on what they have heard they are convinced they won’t/don’t like cruising.  Well let me tell you, I have been on many cruises and I have never experienced any issues or have had trouble finding anything to do.  As a matter of fact, my spouse and I never have enough time to do everything.  In my opinion, cruising is the best way to experience multiple destinations.  I can say I have visited many, many destinations because of my cruise vacations.  You just can’t get this when limiting yourself to land only vacations.  Here are a few answers to some of the questions/concerns I’ve heard regarding cruises.

I don’t want to be stuck on a ship.  I’ll get bored during those long Sea days.

Cruise lines have entertainment and amenities that rival, and often exceed, those found on land.  You will have an endless amount of activities to keep you entertained.  From surf or skydive simulators to cooking demonstrations and art auctions, there’s always something to do.  Believe me you will NOT get bored.  In fact, I always leave my cruise disappointed that I did not have enough time to do something.

 You can’t experience new cultures on a cruise.

Cruise lines have recently stepped up their efforts to offer guests authentic opportunities to truly experience the destinations they visit. Passengers can join chefs at local markets, book home visits with locals or volunteer to make a difference in the local communities while at port.  Some cruise lines even offer overnight stays at many destinations.

My family is made up of people of all different ages.  It’s impossible for all of us to have fun.

With a wide and flexible range of entertainment, dining, excursions, and even internet options, cruising is a perfect travel option to satisfy all age groups.  Travel agents will work to find the best cruise type to fit each family member’s personality.  From bumper cars and water parks to Broadway-style shows and farm-to-table dinners, the options are endless for people of all ages and interest!

Cruising is not a healthy way to vacation. 

Cruises offer a vast variety of healthy dining options including fruits and vegetables, sushi and seafood, nuts and grains, and lean proteins.  The food choices on cruises are endless!  Cruise lines also cater to cruisers with various dietary restrictions and preferences including vegetarian, gluten-free, low-carb and more.  In addition to endless food choices, cruise lines offer many options for staying fit including running tracks, sports pavilions, fitness classes, wellness seminars, and of course spa experiences!

 I’ll get Seasick.

Today, ships are built with stabilizers that help keep them on as smooth of a journey as possible.  Because of this motion on the ship is minimal.  For people who are extra sensitive to motion, there are many ways to prevent and combat seasickness.  Some of these include booking an outside cabin in the middle of the ship, using over the counter drug remedies, or non-drug remedies such as ginger candy or acupressure bracelets.  River cruises can also be a fantastic option for those worried about seasickness.

So there you have it, Concerns Answered.  Open up a little to new experiences.  Don’t go by just what you’ve heard.  Experience a cruise for yourself and then make your assessment.   Remember, use a travel agent.  They will help to ensure you book the right type of cruise for you and your family so that you won’t be disappointed.


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