I          The simple answer is now, if you can 😊

Last month we learned of the coronavirus (COVID-19) for the first time. Fast forward (very fast forward). Our worlds have shifted. And lives have been transformed. As the virus intensifies worldwide, it has forced many travelers, (myself included), to cancel previously planned trips and ‘Stay Home’. My heart goes out to all families impacted by this treacherous disease – from the lives that have been lost, to the major financial impact, to the heavily depended upon ‘essential workers’, to the brides that have been forced to modify wedding plans – I can go on and on, as it seems that the virus has undoubtedly impacted every household, in some unfortunate capacity. Gibson Travel has responded very quickly assuring existing clients with travel reservations between March 15th and May 31st have been provided their covered options for travel modifications. We will continue to be proactive in this regard. If you ever have a question, never hesitate to reach out.


While some days are certainly better than others, there is undoubtedly a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m here to spread faith, hope, and love. We must remain reminded of all that we have survived and overcome – and be reminded that we can, and we will do it again. The ‘Project Manager’ inside of me reminds me to utilize this time to research and plan my next amazing vacation.  I believe wholeheartedly in the tourism market!   There are many specials going on now for future travel.  Here are a few samples:

Airlines offering FREE CHANGE FEES

Airlines have done something that they’ve never done before. Most of the major carriers – (ie. Delta and American Airlines) have announced NO CHANGE FEES. Family and Friends – this is a HUGE deal! Presently, flight prices are at all-time lows, so what better time is there than now to consider securing your next vacation. Your vacation doesn’t have to be next month, or the month after. But as long as the flight schedule is posted (typically 11 months in advance), travelers, like myself, who are waiting patiently for their next vacation can book as many vacations as they’d like with NO STRINGS ATTACHED, and at below average rates. If you’ve ever paid a change fee, this should provide you peace of mind.😊

Discounted Vacations!

Some of the savviest, bargain travelers are taking advantage of this opportunity to book heavily discounted travel deals. This is a great time to book #BucketList destinations that ordinarily would be priced twice as high.

Keep Hope Alive

I’m keeping hope alive and still planning for 2020 travel, but 2021 is around the corner. If you’ve had a #bucketlist destination that you are interested in pricing out, I am here to help, and now is the best time to book. In many cases, a low $200 per-person deposit will lock in flight/hotel package prices for you. If by chance, you decide not to take the trip, whether due to the pandemic or any other unforeseen reason, you can cancel or modify your trip at anytime without losing any money. (Many airlines, cruise lines & hotel resorts are offering travel vouchers which can be used for future travel, because surely you’re going to go somewhere in the future.) Let’s continue to reminisce on our past vacations, and be hopeful for future vacations.

I am very sensitive to those impacted by this pandemic and of this period of future uncertainty. I hope to be a resource for all of your travel needs, now and in the future. While the world is seemingly off of its axis, I’ve also noticed that acts of kindness have increased tremendously. This situation has bought back the very humanity that makes people great.  Here are a few resources that may help you during this time.

Resources that I’ve shared with my network.

  1. Coronavirus FAQs
  2. The CDC’s ‘Travel Recommendations by Country
  3. Meet me your premier travel concierge 😊

In addition, Check out my social media posts (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter @GibsonTravel).  I’m here to help you plan.  We are all in this together!

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